Researchers in FINYAR

Are you interested in getting in touch with someone who researches new religions and alternative spirituality? Below some of the researchers active in FINYAR are presented along with their special fields of research.


Peter Åkerbäck

Lecturer of comparative religion at the department for history of religions, University of Stockholm and Vice-chair of FINYAR


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I have previously been interested in the religious groups that have departed this life under dramatic circumstances. The People’s Temple, the Order of the Solar Temple and Heaven’s Gate represent some of the more spectacular and dramatic occurrences in modern times and makes one think of dooms day cults and collective suicides. With my research I aimed to analyze the processes and underlying ideological structures leading up to these events and these groups.

In extension of this there is also another great interest of mine, namely the “myth” about cults. Spectacular “cults” are often the basis of how other religious groups will be perceived of and how society will treat religious minorities. Here conflict arises and one of my interests is to look at what happens when cults and society meet.


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