Researchers in FINYAR

Are you interested in getting in touch with someone who researches new religions and alternative spirituality? Below some of the researchers active in FINYAR are presented along with their special fields of research.


Olav Hammer

Professor at Syddansk University in Odense


You will find a far more detailed presentation of my research and my publications on my home page:


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I am educated in comparative religion at the University of Lund where I defended my thesis: Claiming Knowledge: Strategies of Epistemology from Theosophy to the New Age in the year 2000, a thesis that examines a number of historically related new religious movements’ rhetorical strategies of legitimization. Soon thereafter I got a readership at the University of Amsterdam and since  2005 I work as a professor at Syddansk University in Odense.

I have written three books in Swedish: På spaning efter helheten (1997; 2004), Profeter mot strömmen (1999) and Osunt förnuft (2002). Among other titles, my thesis is also published in English in a slightly revised form (but with the same title). Another book is published at Cambridge University Press, Alternative Christs (2009).


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