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Are you interested in getting in touch with someone who researches new religions and alternative spirituality? Below some of the researchers active in FINYAR are presented along with their special fields of research.


Pia Andersson

Ph. D student of Archeology (Institution for archeology and ancient culture) at the University of Stockholm and a board member of FINYAR


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My big intellectual passion is to try to understand the relationship between science and religion in the present day: all the hows, wheres, whens and not the least whys. How do the two exist side by side today?  How does one combine, define and differentiate between them? And why is the situation like it is right now?

I became interested in the relationship between alternative spirituality and science while I was writing an essay on UFO religions. When I, a couple of years later, studied archeology I soon understood what a superb subject this was to discuss and illustrate this often conflict-ridden and emotional relation. Since 2002 I am a Ph. D student of Archeology (Institution for archeology and ancient culture) at the University of Stockholm. The title of my doctoral thesis is “Arkeologi och nyandlighet I vetenskapens gränsland”. I examine the situation at different ancient remains/excavations around the world, the academic discussion and the relationship between “alternative archeology” and alternative spirituality and science. In FINYAR I am a board member and I have been active in the organization for a long time.

I have written numerous essays and published articles in Swedish and English. Together with Stig Welinder I edited the anthology Från Thomsen till Däniken. Oenig diskussion om alternativ arkeologi (2004).


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