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Are you interested in getting in touch with someone who researches new religions and alternative spirituality? Below some of the researchers active in FINYAR are presented along with their special fields of research.


Jenny-Ann Brodin Danell

Ph. D. in sociology and work as a lecturer at the Institution of sociology at Umeå University and Treasurer of FINYAR.


You will find a list of my publications here:

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Jenny-Ann Brodin Danell


My research is primarily focused on different kinds of alternative spirituality and on the boundary between religion, spirituality and health. My thesis Religion till salu? examined the Swedish New Age movement from the perspective of the market. Put easily, you could say I investigated how the “production” and “consumption” of spirituality is carried out. For example, how is it possible for a consumer to choose between the different spiritual ideas/techniques/activities available in today’s society? In my ongoing research I examine, among other phenomena, how voluntary rules are created among practitioners of alternative spirituality and alternative medicine. I currently serve as treasurer of FINYAR.


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