Researchers in FINYAR

Are you interested in getting in touch with someone who researches new religions and alternative spirituality? Below some of the researchers active in FINYAR are presented along with their special fields of research.


Tora Wall

Folklorist at the Museum for Culture and History, Stockholm.



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I am working as folklorist at the Museum for Culture and History in Stockholm, where I´m responsible for the museum´s collection of folklore. In my work, I am studying both popular believes from past times and contemporary notions about spirituality and the occult. Two of the areas that I am finding especially interesting are New age and Neo paganism.  I am focusing mainly on their influence on the believes and the world view of people who are not considering themselves as part of any religion or subculture. I´m also interested in the process of changes in popular believes – which believes have vanished over time, which are still present today and how have they changed to adjust to modern society?

At present, I am studying tales of people who have experienced meetings with dead relatives or friends and how these tales reflect a contemporary view of death and the soul from a folkloristic perspective.


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